Common Uses of an Oscillating Multi-tool

The oscillating multi-tool is one of the most useful and versatile power tool that rightfully belongs in any toolbox or workshop. Many professional handymen and DIY enthusiasts actually consider this as one of (if not ‘the’) their favorite power tools. With the variety of attachments and accessories which can be fitted into this multi-tool, it can be used to fulfill a wide variety of functions and purposes.

As a Cutting Tool

A wide variety of saw blade types can be attached to an oscillating multi-tool from some of the best craftsman tool sets. With these saw blades and the rapid back and forth motion of the oscillating power tool, you have the ability to cut through different materials like wood, metal, pipes, and pretty much anything else. Each saw blade has unique and different design from the rest. For instance, there are saw blades with standard tooth configurations, and there are also saw blades which as designed differently, like a straight blade with teeth at the end use for ‘plunge cutting.’ In addition, there are Japan blades which effectively cuts through wood but not metal, while there are bi-metal blades with small teeth that can cut through soft metal. The cutting options of the oscillating multi-tool is practically endless.

As a Masonry Tool

The oscillating multi-tool can also be used for different masonry purposes by a proper artisan. In relation to the above paragraph, you can attach a tile cutter blade to the multi-tool in order to cut tiles and shape them according to the desired size. For this purpose, a diamond blade is needed. Now you don’t have to keep hammering and breaking those tiles or run to the shop to rent a tile saw. Other blades will allow you to scrape grout of in between the tiles in order to remove and replace them. These features makes the oscillating multi-tool a perfect and handy companion to tile setters and masons for light masonry work.

As a Sanding Tool

Another popular use of the oscillating multi-tool is as a sanding or polishing tool. Aside from blades, you can also attach sanding pads to the multi-tool and use it to sand or polish any surface. The sanding pads also come in different shapes – there are circular sanding pads, triangular sanding pads and even ‘finger shaped’ sanding pads. Felt polishing pads are also available, and is actually a better option because it can reach tight spaces where an orbital polisher cannot.

A Note about Oscillating Multi-tool Attachments

Oscillating multi-tools are produced and manufactured by many different brands – in fact, almost every brand or power tool manufacturer has their own line of oscillating power tools. Naturally, they also have their own set of attachments and accessories.

When you buy a an oscillating multi-tool, it will come with its own set of attachments and accessories (although you can also buy one on its own – especially in second hand shops). However, you may find that you will need some other accessories – either you need a special saw blade attachment that did not come with the set you bought, or perhaps you’ve worn out or broken the original attachment.

Whatever the reason is, be sure that whatever attachment you choose is compatible and fits properly into your multi-tool. There are some brands which allows you to use attachments from another manufacturer, but this is something that isn’t really recommended because the attachment specifications may not exactly be the same, and using an ill-fitting attachment will result to a myriad of problems. For one, the multi-tool may not be able to perform its function well. With regards to saw blades for instance, you will notice that the cut is not as clean as you would want it to be. Second, continuous use of such attachment will damage the tool – causing you to spend more by buying a new multi-tool. Finally, your safety is being compromised, as the attachment may suddenly be removed and fly.

Thus, when replacing an attachment, it would be better to just buy a new attachment that is compatible with tool’s brand and model.

Understanding Light Bulb Packaging Labels

So one fine day, you plan to go for light bulb shopping. Once you enter the electronics section you find millions of light bulbs and other items.
You get your hands on the one that you have seen in your house. But there are so many similar ones and their packaging has weird labels that you ultimately get confused.
If this your story then you have landed on the right page! Before going out for light bulbs shopping you need to understand light bulb packaging labels.
Irrespective of the old or new packaging, each light bulb package has 6 common labels which are usually listed under the lighting facts heading. Since 2011, US Government requires producers to print these facts on each light bulb package. These facts are:
Estimated yearly energy cost
Light Appearance
Energy Used
So the lighting facts start with information regarding the brightness that a certain light bulb provides. You must have noticed that brightness is given in lumens not watts.
“Lumens” is basically the amount of light emitted from a light bulb. More light means higher lumens which in turn mean greater brightness.
As a rule of thumb, remember that a regular incandescent light bulb that uses 100-watts produces 1600 lumens of bright light.
So if you are looking for a bright light then you need to choose a light bulb with higher lumens.
Estimated yearly energy cost
If you want to know how good a certain light bulb is for you cost wise, then estimate yearly energy cost is the figure you need to closely at.
It tells how much a light bulb will cost you on an annual basis. Each bulb has different per cost as it depends on the amount of wattage, your yearly usage and the cost you incur per kilo watt hour of electricity.
As a general estimate, the yearly cost with a usage of 3 hours per day and a price of 11 cents per kilo watt hour is provided for every bulb.
How long can a certain LED lamp last? The average life of a light bulb or its efficiency is based on a 3 hours daily usage.
It is given in terms of years which can be converted into hours. The higher this number is, the longer your bulb will last. In case of an LED light bulb, you can expect it to last a good 25,000 hours.
Light Appearance
Light appearance is the color of the light – how it appears to normal eye. Remember that light brightness and appearance are different.
The light emitted from a light bulb can have color tones ranging from warmer to cooler ones with temperatures from 2700 to 6500 kelvin.
Light appearance determines the kind of mood you want to create for your room. If you want your room to have a comfortable, relaxing and an inviting ambience then you should go for warmer tones. For a brighter, daylight-ish look, choose cooler light appearance.
Energy Used
How much energy a light bulb will use is determined by this number. It is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more energy is consumed in lighting up the bulb, the more you have to pay.
Energy used also indicated how energy efficient a bulb is. The traditional incandescent light bulbs use a lot of energy; therefore have a higher wattage number.
Latest smart lightbulbs require much less energy and for that reason have much less wattage figure. They are highly recommended for household use as they are energy efficient, budget-friendly and safer for the environment as well.
If you are planning to replace your old incandescent bulb then you need to keep in mind that a standard 100-watt bulb is equivalent to a 23-watt CFL and a 20-watt LED.
So, do your homework, know your light bulb packaging labels and choose the best energy efficient light bulbs for your house.

Salad garden

I am often asked – If you were limited to a small growing area what would you grow? My answer is always salads! Salads are nutritious and have a variety of flavors. A salad garden is a great addition for a working family. It is convenient and easy to go to the back porch and pick some greens at dinner time for salads.

If your space is limited I recommend a 3×6 foot raised bed. The raised bed should be 10 inches deep so the roots can spread out. Ideally you would use 2×4 x 10 lumber nailed together and filled with a mix of potting soil and compost. You can place your raised bed in a sunny location on a porch or patio. You may wish to attach some wire or plastic pvc hoops to your raised bed. This will serve as a frame so that you can attach garden fabric.

In the summer you can add a very light weight garden fabric on your frame to keep out bugs and to keep off the leaves use the best leaf blower. Greens are susceptible to a number of garden pests. A good organic insect spray will also be a good idea. In the cooler weather you can put on a heavier layer of garden fabric to keep the frost off your plants and provide a micro climate so they will keep growing well into the fall.

In a 3×6 sized bed you would have room for a variety of greens, root crops,  plus three cherry tomato plants. To make efficient use of your growing space you want to mark off each foot. You will plant your garden in one foot squares. Mel Bartholomew made this strategy popular in his book Square Foot Gardening.

Lettuce comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Look for cutting lettuce varieties. Forget about that insipid round stuff at the grocery store! Lettuce is easy to grow from seed. In each one foot block you can plant four lettuce seeds. Devote six blocks to lettuce. Pick different varieties.

Spinach and other greens do not take up as much room and it’s unlikely you’ll need to use a leaf blower. You can plant nine spinach seeds per block. Plant one block of spinach, one block of arugula, and one block of mustard. This will give your salad some pizazz and some variety.

Green onions are another great addition to salads. Onions take a long time to grow from seed so it is best to buy onion sets to plant. You can fit 16 onion sets per square. Plant one square of onions.

When many people think of turnips they think of large root crops out in a field. But salad turnips are a small crisp crunchy root about the size of a radish. They make a nice addition to any salad. Plant one square of turnips. You can fit nine per square.

Plant one square of radishes. Radishes come in a variety of flavors; sweet, spicy, hot pick one that fits your taste buds and plant sixteen per one square.

Kale is a very nutritious plant. As a baby the leaves are great in salad. As the plant grows the leaves are wonderful as a cooked green. Plant three squares of kale with nine seeds per square.

Cherry tomatoes are good in salad and great as snacks. Plant three cherry tomatoes plants. One per square. You will need to purchase a bush variety or if you have a taller variety you will need a wire support frame.

Once you get your garden planted you will need to provide regular care. Watering and weeding will not take much time in an easy to manage raised bed. You will probably need to spend about an hour a week on garden chores. Once you start harvesting your produce you want to be diligent about succession planting. Succession planting is where you immediately plant another plant as soon as you harvest. This will give you a steady harvest through the season.

In future years you will want to rotate your crops. Never plant crops in the same square year after year. That will cause disease.


What You Must Do When Choosing the Best Drywall Tools for Cutting

Installing a new wall or ceiling faster is only possible with the right kind of drywall tools. In this regard, choose the kind of tools that will make work much easier for you. Choose tools that will not jeopardize your safety during and after installation. The tools that you choose for installing a new ceiling or wall must ensure that this part of the house remains in place. Therefore, you must choose tools depending on the work that they can do with a really good tool set and some good tools.

It is advisable to choose the following types of drywall tools because of the work that they would accomplish in ensuring that you do an excellent job:

  • Utility Knife

This is the most crucial and effective tool in cutting the drywall prior to and during installation. The tool is effective in scoring the cut line prior to snapping the panel. However, you need a good supply of blades to replace as often as possible on the utility knife.

  • Drywall T-Square

Without this tool, the utility knife would not be as effective in scoring the cut line. It guides the utility knife. On the other hand, if you cannot find a drywall t-square, feel free to use straight board or a 4ft level board to serve the same purpose.

  • Tape Measure

Cutting the drywall prior to installing it, as part of the new ceiling, requires accurate measurements. In this regard, you need the tape measure to help in keeping the measurements as accurate as possible, thereby reducing improper installations.

  • Surface Forming Tool

Before installing the newly cut drywall, it is important that you clean up it’s rough edges. To achieve this requires the aptly named surface-forming tool. If you fail to clean the rough edges, the measurements might be all wrong thus hampering installation.

  • Keyhole Saw

Assuming that the walls or ceiling needs holes for electrical boxes or other types of obstructions, you would need the keyhole saw for this type of work. You can plunge this tool into the drywall or through it to create cutouts that the boxes need. The keyhole saw must have a sharp point.

  • Cordless Drill

This tool is good for drilling starter holes. It saves you from having to make plunge cuttings. If you use the cordless drill, there would be no need for investing in the keyhole saw. It offers a much easier and safer process of drilling holes.

  • Drywall Saw

This tool is not mandatory when installing a new ceiling or wall. If you already possess other handsaws, the absence of this tool will not hamper installation of the new ceiling or wall. On the other hand, it is effective in making straight, short, quick and clean cuts.

The type of drywall tools that you choose depends on the size of the job that lies in wait. For huge drywall installation jobs, you should get the appropriate tools, which might not be as helpful in the smaller projects like the best tool set 2015. The choice of tools also depends on the stage of the drywall installation for which they are required. For example, you must choose the knives for taping and finishing the drywall appropriately.

It is advisable to choose drywall tools depending on the actual type of drywall that you intend to install. The following are just but a few of the different types of drywalls for which you must choose the appropriate tools:

  • Regular drywall
  • Fire-rated drywall
  • Impact-resistant drywall
  • Moisture-resistant drywall
  • Sound board
  • Lead-lined drywall
  • Flexible drywall
  • Blue board

Therefore, follow these guidelines and enjoy a good selection of drywall tools to make your work easier. The choice of tools determines whether installing the drywall will be faster or slower. The choice of tools also depends on the prepping that the drywall requires. When using the tools, exercise caution since they can destroy the drywall. Never forget to maintain the drywall tools in excellent condition if they are to serve you well and longer.

3 Helpful Tips About Using GPS Navigation Apps 

Generally, some of the most common problems you may experience while working with a GPS application is that they have easy troubleshooting options, while others do not, however, these options may not annoy you once you know what causes them.

These problems include phone battery drain, difficulties finding a certain location and slow map refresh.

In this article, you will find out, easy explanations and solutions. Although, most of them are universal, however, some of them may be particular to navigation app, GPS Voice Navigation or to the Windows Phone platform.

  1. Map refreshes slowly

When you notice that your map refreshes very slowly or becomes blurry, then this is a sign that the map tiles cannot load quickly enough.

Here are some suggestions; you can try in this situation.

  • Since map tiles are downloaded in real time from the Internet, so you will require a good Internet connection when you are moving. In case, your connection fails for any reason, then your tiles will not only load slower as well as your map will also look blurry. Here are the two possible resolutions: Firstly, improve your Internet connection (such as, connect to 4G/3G, Wi-Fi, ensuring you have good reception) or you can also use cached or offline maps.
  • In case, you are driving through an area having bad reception for the best motorcycle gps  and with a lot of turns on the road, moreover, you are even zooming or panning, the set of these factors may slow down the refreshing speed of the map. Zooming out will help to correct this problem. In addition, find better reception, if possible.
  • For minimizing the number of tiles that need to be downloaded, try your best to keep a constant zoom level when you are driving.
  1. You cannot find a certain location

In an attempt to offer the best search experience, in the GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone we ask all four of our providers as to when a search is actually started (Nokia, Google, MapQuest, and Microsoft), accumulate the results, and then classify them according to your proximity to your present location.

Occasionally, it might also happen that you are unable to find the desired stuff because of various reasons. Below we have discussed some of the solutions to this problem:

Ensure that search is working just by performing a simple generic query (try to look for the name of the capital city of your country). If this is unable to work, there exists, probably a general issue in accessing the search provider (provider outage, internet connectivity, unsupported characters, exceeded search quota etc).

In case your search is not in English, attempt to go for the English equivalent. Based on the search provider as well as the data that they offer, support for non-English alphabets might be restricted.

3. The phone battery finishes quickly

Usually, the GPS applications running in real-time are battery and CPU intensive, so it is not uncommon your phone to get heated up, particularly when it has been used for a very long time period. But it is very rare that your phone actually heats up and then shuts down and in case this happens, it might occur as a result of the following factors:

  • Hot environment – Always put your phone away from sunlight and other heat sources. If possible, try to keep them near an air-conditioner.
  • Intensive routes – Zooming, panning and frequent map rotation lead to extra CPU load. You could try zooming out, switch off “Follow me” mode or stop the trip as frequently as possible to achieve the least possible CPU usage.
  • Signal reception OR bad connectivity– Loss of Internet connection or GPS signal can result in an excessive load both on the CPU components of the phone and the network, which, at times might even trigger excessive heating and power consumption.


Tips for comfortable walking boots

Fortunately, modern materials and designs are made to fit comfortably right when you put your boots on when you’re trying them at the store. You don’t have to break into your boots and if you don’t feel comfortable, you shouldn’t buy them.

Try several boots on first

Always make sure you try the boots before buying them. Any pants or shoe that’s poorly fitting has a good chance of causing unpleasant symptoms and foot-related problems such as heel pain or plantar fasciitis.

Visit your favorite shoe shop and try as many boot styles as possible – this will allow you to go through a wider range of footwear and help you find a more comfortable boot more effectively. A good shoe shop would happily help you find the best footwear that suits you by making you try on several shoes. Most stores allow customers to take their boots with them and wear them around your home. If you don’t feel comfortable with your new boots, you’ll get your money back. Since most stores offer this option, it’s smarter to stick to them while purchasing boots.

However, note that you can’t go hiking with your new boots and then ask for your money back if you don’t find them comfortable. Therefore, test your shoes properly at home, making sure they remain in returnable condition.

Make sure you have your walking socks on

This is a no-brainer but we feel the need to give you a reminder. The best socks to wear on a walking trip are the socks you like the most since chances are your favorite socks are the most comfortable ones too.

Try them on during daytime

Since your feet swell at day time it’s always best to visit a shoe shop in the afternoon. Again, when you take your boots home to test them, make sure you walk around in them during the afternoon and night. A better option would be to try them on after you’ve been walking around for at least an hour – this will give you a great fit because your foot size doesn’t remain constant throughout the day.

Go for the best fit

Walking boots, or any boot for that matter, come in a wide range of widths and styles. Avoid wearing boots that cause your feet to move around in them too much because this may cause blisters as well as muscle injuries.

Thumb’s width gap

Make sure your boots have a thumb width gap inside between the end of your toes and the front of your boot to avoid the annoying banging of you feel while you walk downhill.

Customize your boots for better fit

Feet sizes vary from person to person so you can’t expect a shoe to fit you perfectly just because it has hundreds of great reviews online. Always try the boots on before making your purchase as some shoes run small or they may be narrower or wider. What works for your friend may not work for you.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve your boot fit.

If you have a narrow heel and if you’re male, trying best hiking pants and women’s boots on may help as they often come with narrower heels. Many boots have different ways of fastening laces to improve the overall fit of the shoe as well around the heel. Wearing a denser sock can significantly improve comfort and fitting too.

Similarity, ladies can try men’s boots of the same style if they have wider feet. This will give better comfort and greater support. Changing the lacing style to reduce the pressure on the front of your feet can help too.

Most used types of knives

You probably have various kinds of knives laying around your house waiting for you to use them. However, what you do is pick every time only one of them. Is this right? Or even if you do not have many knives, when you go to your friend’s house, you notice them and start wondering why are there so many of them. Well, this is due to the fact that you are probably not familiar with what all of them are used for. Needless to say, every one of them has different purpose and is best in cutting special foods. Overall, in our every day life we do not need more than 2-3 knives but it is always pleasant to have a choice. What is more, with better tools come the tastier results. If you continue reading, you will start to understand every single one of those knives you have seen.  You must learn about Japanese chef knives if you want to make the most informed purchase possible.

Bread knife

Undeniably, among the most spread ones is the bread knife as in most households, there is bread being bought regularly or daily. It is probably one of the most distinguishable as the signs are more than obvious so that even a rookie or incompetent person will notice them. Most of the times it is quite large 20 – 25 centimetres. The thing you would immediately see is that it is toothed, which makes the whole process of slicing bread much more easier. Keep in mind that this type is, most of the times not very sharpened. However, do not get this wrong, it could be used in basically any type of flour based food and it is supposed to do the job perfectly.

Paring knife

If you are a fruit and vegetables lover, then I am quite sure that you are already familiar with this type of knives. Again, it is easily noticeable as, generally speaking, it is fairly small, compared to the regular ones. One of the greatest advantages for this kind is that it is much stronger and reliable in what is supposed to do. This fact is presumably due to its sizes and sharpness. If you are peeling an apple, for instance, this knife is the most suitable for the job. Basically, all of the raw food is preferable to be handled with it.

Universal kitchen knife

I am not going to lie, this is my favorite of course. No matter what you are doing, simply go ahead with this kind, if you are not sure about the others. One thing is sure, it will help you get the job done without any problems and almost as good as the specially designed one. Investment in the universal knife is never considered as a mistake because it rarely disappoints.

Knife for meat

In case you still have not figured out what this one is for, which I doubt, lets clear it. This is a knife which is mostly used when dealing with any kind of meat. The major differences are that it is much more stronger and efficient than the regular ones. The sharpness provided is astonishing as well. Well, this is nothing to doubt as the purpose of it is more than clear.
You might not realize it yet, but it is extremely important to be working with the most suitable knife. The whole process will me much more faster, easier and efficient. Therefore, go on a shopping journey to the store and get a set of all the listed above. Keep in mind, that those are not all that will come in handy but think of it as a beginning. Those are the ones to get you going in the kitchen.

Bathroom shower suite buying guide

Having the shower is very practical now days; it can help us for the morning rush as well as can also give the relaxing bath in the night time. Also, if you don’t have kids at home who will use the bathroom too, you can modify the features more accommodatingly to utilize all the space of the bathroom.

Now even the bathroom material suppliers are aware of the shortage of the space in the area of the bathroom, so they also supply the modern bathroom supplies that suit the small size bathrooms. The supplies are quite modern in comparison with the traditional bathroom suite. So, you can get the combined package of the basin, shower plus toilet from the suppliers in lots of variety according to your needs. If you are interested in high quality shower heads, check out the best high pressure shower head on the link.

The needs can vary according to the preferences, taste or need. They may be like-

  1. A square enclosure or the rectangular one?
  2. No doors or you will prefer the sliding doors or bi-fold doors?

The choice between angles and curves may be according to your choices. But it is very important that beside your choice you should also look at the usage of the curves in your bathroom. Like, lots of space can be saved by the curved or the quadrant shower enclosure whereas rectangular shower enclosure can use more space. So choose according to the interior space of your bathrooms. For the smaller bathrooms, quadrant or the offset shower enclosures will be the best choice.

A sense of luxury and class can be achieved by the walk in showers which is a total plus point for the minimalist style bathrooms. But you have to look out for its spray direction in order to avoid its direction at the entry point and it has to be of certain size too for the proper utilization. For these reasons, most of the walk-in shower enclosures are built in the rectangular shapes. Whereas, in smaller bathrooms, bi-fold and the pivot door shower enclosure serves the best. They consume less space and are also comfortable if you are looking for the smaller shower bathrooms. Easy access is given by the sliding doors as they don’t intrude the space that is required for the doors to be opened.

In order to suit the entire bathroom suite you have to choose wisely the combination of a basin and the toilet. The perfect combination will give you the perfect look in the bathroom suite. There is a huge range of styles present in the market. It can range from the basic traditional style to the contemporary ones. In addition to the following styles, wall hung and the floor designs have also numerous varieties available. Now days, bathroom furniture integration has also entered the style which includes the WC unit and a vanity unit too. So, there are a number of varieties in order to modernize your bathroom.

It is always advisable if you don’t move the plumbing work of pipeline around in your bathroom as the installation of new toilet different from the old position can be bit expensive. So, try to keep the things simple as far as possible yet elegant to keep the check on expenses.

The shower enclosure is available as the single item in the market, but sometimes it comes with certain accessories. Like, shower tray, towel holders, etc. So according to your budget, you can choose any enclosure according to your needs. All you have to think is what is most compatible with the other accessories in your bathroom? So choose wisely! Plus, don’t forget to check the water system in your bathroom because some showers do not go with the low pressure water systems.

Once all the choices have been made, you can have a perfect bathroom suite in your home!